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Number 9….Number 9….Number 9…..

Yo everypawdy! We’re celebrating my ninth birthday today in true Oaktown style! And its an extra special pawty ’cause its also the mighty Rosa’s (She Who Came B4 Us) birthday. And OMD, I just found out I share a birthday with the most pawesome Jerry G Dawg himself……..Swoooooooon!!!!! Angus and watermelon all around…Lets get this PAWTAY started!! WoooHOOOOO!


She Who Came Before Us

Rosa the original Raedawg

Love ya Jerry!!

My heeeeero Jerry G!

Hoppy B'Day to meeeeeeee! Ooooops, and Rosa and Jerry!!

Hoppy B’Day to meeeeeeee! Ooooops, and Rosa and Jerry!!

A grass fed angus cake topped with a farm fresh egg

A grass fed angus cake topped with a farm fresh egg

Wishing for whirled peas

Wishing for whirled peas

Lusting bubbas

Lusting bubbas

Back off bozos!!

Back off bozos!!

Come to mama 'lil angus chickie!

Come to mama ‘lil angus chickie!

Don’t worry folks, no bubbas were harmed in the making of this blog post. Must be getting soft ’cause I shared my cake all around 🙂 Hope youse guyz are pawtying whereEVER you are!


Codie Rae


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Move over MWDs, here come the MWK’s!! The Brave and the Fluffy!

Yo! My paw stumbled across this bit of feline history the other day and I just had to share with the Kitty Kontingent. Who knew?

MWK rockin’ the props!

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Just Another Wordless Wednesday….

Wordless Wednesday_OP

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Word to the Kitty Kontingent!

Yo! Calling all Tripawd Kitties! So youse guyz are takin’ over Tripawds so we just wanted to be sure you were aware today is National Hairball Day! Woohoo!

This is a public service announcement brought to you by the Oaktown Pack! We love you ‘lil kitties!

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Tripawds Rock CA Cancer Walk!

Well……of course they did! Martha here (Codie Rae is graciously allowing me to use her blog). I had to stay home under a measles quarantine (found out today I have immunity … grrrrr) but Austin Ray of the Oaktown Pack was there with Ralph (aka Fear the Ears) and life-saver Karen showed up with the Pugapalooza (Tani, a long time cancer survivor, and Obie) to lend a hand so Team Tripawds was well represented. It was a beautiful day and there were 1100 peeps signed up for the Morris Animal Foundation K9 cancer walk in Los Gatos CA, which raised something on the order of $130,000 to fight animal cancer. That is almost double their fundraising goal! Team Tripawds more than doubled their fundraising goal so a huge thanks is in order to everyone who made that possible through their generous donations!

Ralph and Karen were busy the whole time talking to people and handing out our custom made Paw Patch Pastries treats and Austin, Tani, and Obie demonstrated their K9 fitness on the Fit Paws balance disc. Ralph said that he talked to a couple of vets who said was an amazing resource and that they always send people facing amputation here! He also said almost everyone he talked to said “Oh, I had a tripawd once …  or … I know somebody who has a tripawd.” How cool is that? Tripawds are becoming par for the course, rather than being a ‘freak show’ that people feel sorry for. At least they are around here! Three other tripawds came by to visit and, all in all, Team Tripawds had a blast! Behold the photographic evidence!


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Swamp Thing Terrorizes Oaktown Neighborhood….Thousands Flee!

Amid storm clouds, thunder, and lightning, panicked residents fled in terror as a Swamp Thing rose from the depths of an Oaktown backyard today. One woman missing, several injured as swamp creature rampages through the neighborhood. Police and fire department at a loss as to how to stop it. Mayor urges residents to shelter in place.

swamp thang


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B There or B Square: Come Play with Team Tripawds in Los Gatos, CA!!

Canine cancer, particularly osteosarcoma, is something that has touched all of our lives in this amazing community, so once again the Tripawd Nation is forming a team to walk in support or memory of our best friends. An estimated 50 percent of all dogs will battle cancer. It is the No. 1 cause of death in dogs over the age of 2. Tripawds members know only too well the heartache and fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis. But we also know the joy that comes as we learn to live in the here and now with our best friends and experience the love that we share here in this incredible community. Please join us at the Los Gatos K9 Cancer Walk as we raise money for Morris Animal Foundation to help find a cure for this awful disease.

We have some big pawprints to fill after Mr T. (aka Tripod the Golden One) brought down the house in San Diego last month! Please join our team and attend the walk in April–we would LOVE to see you there! If you can’t make it in person you can walk with us virtually by making a donation through Team Tripawds to help create a brighter future for tripawds and all animals battling cancer.

Team Tripawds will have a table at the event, we’ll be showing the Tripawds Tribute Leash, and we hope to have some other fun things cooked up by then to help educate folks about tripawds. There will be numerous other vendors as well. Let’s show Los Gatos ‘It’s better to hop on three legs than limp on four!’ 

When: Sunday, April 13, 2014

Where: Vasona Lake Park
333 Blossom Hill Rd
Los Gatos, CA

Walk day registration will open at 9:00 a.m.
Walk and Opening Ceremony will be at 10:00 a.m.
Short Walk Length: .75 miles; Long Walk Length: 2 miles

p.s. If anyone lives in the Bay Area and has a canopy or standing umbrella we can borrow please PM me!

20120414-DSC_6869-1796035450-O - Copy



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Ima ‘lil teepot!

IMG_0468 - Copy

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Hoppy Howlidaze Everypawdy!

Peace on earth and to all tripawds great and small!

Hoppy Howlidays Tripawds

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Can it really be 5 years?

We love you Jerry! You are always in our hearts and we will be firing up the altar tonight in celebration of your life! You and your pawrents never cease to inspire us and the Tripawds Nation that has grown out of the love your pawrents have for you has simply got to be one of the most amazing communities on the planet. We are so proud to be a part of this thing that is so much greater than us all and unites so many around a common cause, love for their best friends. Thank you Big Dawg, for planting the seed …..


Codie Rae, Smokey B., Travis Ray, Austin Ray, Martha, and Ralph


   Jerry G. Dawg,

Patron Saint of Tripawds


Bless us one and all.

   Lend us your strength,

joy, and love.

   Guide us through pain

and sorrow,

to the here and now,

where all is

as it should be.

   We shall hold you

in our hearts forever.


 We Love You Jerry

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