Hell in a Hand Basket

Dang, people! Obviously I never shoulda left y’all for the Bridge exactly one year ago today.  Because pretty much the minute I did the world done spun off its freakin’ axis! I guess my Regulating Powers were waaaaay stronger than anyone thought! What a dumpster fire last year was for youse. Seems like the hits never stopped coming; plague, fires, floods, locusts, and don’t even get me started on politics!  And ruh roh, this year seems to be right on track with more of the same but … worse! And all because I had to leave for my new job … Dudes & Dudettes, I never woulda taken it if I had known what would happen! So here’s the deal. I can’t regulate things for y’all from here. Y’all are gonna have to help yourselves. Ya know us dawgs are descended from wolves. And the power of the wolf is the pack.

Every member of the pack works for the common good of the pack. Its simple as that. That’s my lesson for today, y’all need to get over yourselves and start working like you have never worked before, for the common good of all beings! Kinda like you do here on Tripawds! I know y’all can do it!!

‘Nuff said, Codie Rae out!




6 thoughts on “Hell in a Hand Basket”

  1. You are a wise girl Codie, the world sure hasn’t been the same since you took your new job. If the world ever needed regulating it is now for sure!
    Thank goodness we have our Tripawds pack here. The rest of the world can go…. um.. you know what I mean 😉😉
    I didn’t expect the year to change into fantastic all in the ringing of the midnight bells… hopefully we will all get reigned in here in the next few months so that we can go back to being our ‘normal’ lunatic selves, lol.
    Hugs and love to all of you 💖💖💖
    Jackie and Huck

  2. So true Codie Rae. Hoppy Angelversary we all miss you. By the way say “hi” to all my babies up there.
    michelle, Jasmine, Chief and Angels Sassy, Bosch, Baby Simba and Snickers.

  3. Yo Codie, I gotta admit, you kept things in order for those humans. Your peeps got a good point. Once you left, everything on earth fell apart! Even me, Wyatt Ray Dawg, could not keep things from getting so cray cray. I lived through some of those crazytown times, and wished you were with us. Your people did good though, and they are still hanging tough like you taught ’em.

    But now that we are together again, I think we can do a lot from the Bridge, right? Oh yes we can! I know it! Can we play? Can we? Oh come on!

  4. Ohhhhhh Codie, you are such a wise girldog. Yes it is TRUE! You left us for a better job and everything went to poop! Well dang, you do have special powers don’t you?

    I promise to make sure these humans get control over themselves and work like dogs (who the heck made that an insult, anyways? some dumb human?) to get things back in proper order. Please send your heavenly magic down here. We need it more than ever.

    We miss you so much and will always love, love, love you to the moon and back. Now, go be nice to Wyatt OK? lol! Snarky girl!

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