Your Annual Reminder … it’s Codie Rae Day!

It has been 4 years since that beautiful, fierce, fearless, crazy, irrepressible, indomitable, loud, in your face girl dawg walked on. So grateful I have a bazillion photos of Codie so I can remember all the good times we had in the nearly 14 years we shared together. So grateful for my one in a million girl.

5 thoughts on “Your Annual Reminder … it’s Codie Rae Day!”

  1. Holly, I absolutely agree! Maybe we can tag team lobbying @adminguy to make it a howliday on next years tripawds calendar!

    I love the origins of Faith Rae and Purrkins Ray’s names! My first German shepherd was named Rosa. She was my heartdog and Rosa Rae was one of her many nicknames. Codie was named Squirrel by the shelter. When we got a rescue to pull her from the shelter and started fostering her I wanted to call her Codie. But the rescue had a rule about unique names and had already used that name. So I called her Codie Rae in honor of Rosa and also because it was a great name! And a tradition was born πŸ™‚

    Thank you for celebrating Codie Rae with us!

    You are absolutely right! You cant have too many photos! I download all mine to the computer but as time goes on I am realizing I desperately need to organize them. I’ll think of a specific image and then I can’t find it! Makes me nuts πŸ™‚

  2. Sally & Rene, thanks for the lovely comments! It warms my heart to know that Codie Rae is not forgotten πŸ™‚

    Sally, love that we could introduce your puppers to the joys of watermelon.! We almost returned new pup Riley back to the rescue when she turned up her nose at it πŸ™‚ Thank Dawg she has finally come around!

    Rene, that WAS the BEST time EVER! Those memories are indelible and still bring so much joy. And comfort, as we prepare to observe TR’s day in Feb, SB’s day in March and AR’s day in April. We gave those dawgs the best life we could and I’m glad I am finally able to remember and focus on the good times more than the end times.

    xoxo to you both,

  3. I think Codie Rae needs to be an official tripawd howliday!!

    So I have to ask Martha the Rae, Ray? In the op names, is it notable from?
    We have had Faith Rae (Doberman) and Purrkins Ray. My Grampy’s name was Raymond/Ray, and My Mom’s middle name is Rae. Thats our story.

    How did the Ray Rae come about in your pack? Travis Ray, Codie Rae. It also followed into Wyatt Ray correct?. Someone extraordinary. Like ours

    We learned early on, thankfully, that you can never take too many pics. I’m so glad you have so many pics and lovely memories to put your fingers on. I find the longer time goes by, the harder it is. I now have to scroll too far back to see my Saxton, where he was always right there. Depending on the day and the memories Apple makes us, I either smile through tears or have a complete meltdown; I’m still so grateful to have all our pics and memories. We have had several family members through the years, but some are harder to move forward without !!!! All our true gifts sent from above.

    I am putting Codie Rae Day on my Calendar. She is officially a holiday on ours. We will celebrate you every year, Codie.

    Say hi to all our beloved, please, Codie. Give Saxton a kiss.
    Holly, Purkins, Mark, and Sexy Saxton in the sky πŸ’«

  4. We are so glad you have a bazillion photos too! Such great photos of a very Happy and adored pupper. Had a good chuckle seeing Codie Rae wallowing in the mud with such glee😎 Can never, evver have too many photos of CodieRae and all the Oaktown Pack for that matter.πŸ’–
    Hard to believe it’s been four years since she ran free to The Bridge running her mouth the whole way😜. When you make an impact on us like she did, they never leave us and stay in our hearts and memories furever.
    My dogs get to enjoy a watermelon picnic in the summer thanks to Codie Rae and the pack showing us how to create a fun Summer memory.

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5. Awwww Codie! We miss you so much. But dang it’s a relief knowing you are keeping Wyatt Ray in line over at the Bridge. He’s glad to have you as his Sarge, even if he doesn’t always show it.

    It was so much fun being part of your time here on this spinning marble. We had some dang good times, didn’t we? My favorite memory EVER is of you and the OP at The Other Place. Everypawdy running free in the big yard, having the time of your lives, so young and healthy and full of energy! That’s how we will always remember you, and TR, AR, WRD, and the one and only Recreation Director for All Time, your pal and ours, SB. The Best. Pack. EVER. If I could put that moment in time in a bottle and re-live it again and again I would. But it lives in my heart and I know that’s even better.

    Love you forever CR!

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