My Most Excellent No Bubba’s Allowed Road Trip!!

So a coupla weeks ago me and Paw loaded up the truck and took off on a  ROAD TRIP to Santa Fe! Just the two of us!!! NO BUBBAS ALLOWED!!!!! I was in HEAVEN!! I didn’t know why the heck we were going but DANG was I hoppy to be on the road again. We drove and stopped to pee and drove and stopped to stretch our legs ‘n eat and drove and stopped to pee again all day long for three days. We denned at Motel 6’s all along the way ’cause they are so cheap and dawg friendly (Pro travel tip: take lots of carpet runners ’cause Motel 6 no longer has carpeted rooms!).

Look what Motel 6 provided just for meeeee! Guess they didn’t get the memo I’m a girldawg….

We visited historical sites.

Gettin’ my kicks on Route 66 in Barstow CA

We botanized here and there along the way so Maw wouldn’t feel left out 🙂

Hey Maw! I believe this happy little shrub is Larrrea tridentata! Am I right?
Hmmmm, looks like phacelia to me Maw!

We stopped in quaint li’l towns. This one had a fun solution to bring folks back in to town after the Interstate bypass destroyed their downtown economy.

Takin’ it eeeeeasy in Winslow AZ!
Such a fine sight to see…
There’s a DAWG my lord, in a tricked out ride, slowin’ down to take a look at me….

We crossed the Continental Divide but I am SO over it. Been there done that. Besides it was so flat there was no way the water could go in two different directions!

Across the great divide

We got to Santa Fe early on the third day so we decided to take in the sights. We went to the Basilica of St. Frank of Assisi. He was this cool old dude that really liked animals. Before I met him though I ran across this beautiful indigenous woman who blessed me! Then I met St. Frank and he blessed me too! A 13.5 year old tripawd girldawg just can’t have too many blessings piled on her head 🙂

Gettin’ blessed by indigenous St. Kateri Tekakwitha, aka the Lily of the Mohawks!
More blessings from St. Frank and his wolf friend!

Little did I know those blessings would come in handy the very next morning when my red tripawd truck rolled up to the vet clinic. Waaaait a freakin’ minute! WTF??? At first it was great–everyone was SO nice ‘n the floors weren’t slippery ‘n there was a LEATHER COUCH just for meeee to hang out on! EVERY vets office needs a dawg couch! I got to meet the famous Dr. Kelly who turned Jerry G. Dawg on to metronomics chemo and helped Maw and Paw back when Travis Ray had his soft tissue sarcoma. She was awesome! Lookit us just chillin’ together! I LOVED her!!

Me ‘n rockin’ Dr. Kelly on her freakin’ awesome couch!

She and Paw talked a bit and before I knew it they were whisking me off to the back. I was just starting to think ‘Ruh Roh’ and then….the lights went out.

Uhhhhh….count backwards from 100 she said….WTH just happened?!

Turns out this was the whole reason for the trip. Maw and Paw had been carting me around to different vets for two months back home and no one would listen to them except Dr. Kelly. Ima let Maw tell y’all about that over in the forums so stay tuned. All I know is I had these lumps in my mouth and now they were gone! Woohoo!

We stuck around for a day to see how I felt after surgery and I got to hang on my couch again ’cause I needed fluids, what ever those are.

Back on that pawesome couch getting a li’l hydration the day after my surgery

You kin see I wasn’t having nearly as much fun as before but I did really well, all things considered! Dr. Kelly has the touch! The next day we hit the road again with home in our sights. Dang, I love a road trip!

Two of us Sunday driving, not arriving, on our way back home…

Drove home in two days so we didn’t do much sight seeing. And the rest is history, whatever that means….Gotta take a nap now–lots of healing to do back here in Oaktown!

Leavin’ that cancer behind in New Mexico….nothin’ but blue skies ahead!





6 thoughts on “My Most Excellent No Bubba’s Allowed Road Trip!!”

  1. Pee Wee Herman’s Great Adventure ain’t got nuttin’ over yours!! WOW!! SPECTACULAR TRIP!!!
    And for Frank and the Woman to give you their special blessings too? Yeah, you are one lucky. Dawg! And I might add a very, very, very well loved dawg!
    Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your adventure. You are a great Travel Guide. Now, if I could just stop singing the Winslow Arizona song non stip. BTW, it was pretty darn cool to actually see the corner of Winslow Arizona 😎

    And I must say….and I’m not jist blowin’ smoke either…… you are a BEAUTIFUL mature, well seasoned gal! You look more like a six year young dawg! So, I’m thinking your Bet visit was cosmetic and
    all avout a face lift and tummy tuck! You just used those tumor things as an excuse!

    Lots of love to youj and all the pack, including da’ hoomans❤
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. I love your trip journal Codie! And you are sooooo photogenic!!! I know you are healing well and I am praying to the Great Dog in the Sky for your healing! Love you! 💚

  3. For sure the love of St. Francis will keep cancer away from you, beautiful CR. Jerry stood in that same spot, and that old guy helped him too.

    Love you girlfriend! Glad you are home and healing.


    Your paw left you alone in the stroller without a leash? Holy moly you must be mellowing with age! The bicyclists of Winslow are lucky they didn’t go near that corner when you were regulating it.

    I’m glad you had a good trip and left that nasty cancer in New Mexico furever. Even if you want to rip my face off you’re still my #1 beyatch.

  5. OH Codie Rae what a fun trip with Dad. Well at least till the vet visit part! So glad Dr Kelly could get rid of your mouth lumps though and praying those nasties stay away forever now! Girl you are the perfect ad for you’re not getting older you’re getting better! You’re still one photogenic beauty my dear. What IS your secret? Must be something in the air at Oaktown 😉. Sending slobbery kisses and hugs to the whole Oaktown pack! ❤️❤️

  6. Awww Codie Rae. Happy Healing I sure hope everything goes well for you. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

    Happy healing and hugs
    Michelle & Angels Sassy & Bosch

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