I’ve Moved On to a Higher Calling!

Hey everypawdy,

So life ’round here was getting kinda boring. Eat, sleep, stroll. Eat, sleep, stroll, sunbathe. Then it got kinda hard. My dang back leg gave out on me awhile ago. And then a couple of weeks ago this lump I had in my mouth went apesh*t. That sucker was growing a mile a minute. I was losing my ability to do my job here in Oaktown effectively and that just d’int sit right for a first class, A-1 Regulator like me.

So I got out the want ads to see if there were any job openings over the Bridge and Holy Tripawd! They were looking for a LEAD SHEPHERD-only experienced need apply!!!!! I applied then and there and guess what everypawdy! They HIRED me!

So Maw is channeling me ’cause they don’t have ‘puters over here (thank dawg, what a waste of time!). Don’t be sad, ‘K? I lived life to the fullest on three every single day. My Maw and Paw loved me with all their hearts and I loved them back with all of mine. And now I am living my dream – no more regulating pesky bubba dawgs and bicyclists, I get to be a full-time freakin’ SHEPHERD! Gotta say, its SO much easier on four legs-those sheep don’t stand a chance :).

I love all you tripawds out there and don’t worry, I’ll be back from time to time.


Codie Rae Shepherd, Lead Shepherd, Rainbow Bridge

Live Your Dreams!

9 thoughts on “I’ve Moved On to a Higher Calling!”

  1. Yo Codie. I just can’t believe you moved on and I even cried when I heard. Yeah, me the tough dog. I wasn’t even sure what that watery stuff in my eyes was! Grr.

    But I understand. At that new job you get to be Chief Regular of the Skies and who can pass that up when those Earth clothes just ain’t doing it for them anymore? I know ain’t nopawdy gonna get outta line now.

    The day I met your snarky self, I knew exactly what it means to be a German Shepherd. You taught me everything I needed to know about this great big world, and what our role is in protecting our #1 peeps. I wouldn’t be who I am without you there to put me in line and shape me into the dawg I am today. Thank you for taking me under your wing and kicking my butt into full blown GSD.

    I will see you again some day.

  2. Beautiful Codie Rae, I know your Maw and Paw are missing you terribly (well, d’uh), but I am glad you found just the right next and forever opportunity for a girl of your talents and experience. And despite his lack of any Shepherd DNA, Pofi does have remarkable pointy ears and is going to be very happy to meet you – he has always loved the ladies. Mia will doubtless be tagging along – once Pofi greets you, she’ll know to respect you!!
    With love,

  3. ohhh Codie…not gonna lie, I have tears running down my face right now. I almost got to meet your Maw once, when she was headed my way, but it didn’t work out. I know you are in the bestest place ever, so I’ll dry my tears. He’s not a Shepherd, but Nitro does have pointy ears….maybe you could say hi, and tell him his mom misses him like crazy. Here’s to knew and exciting adventures at the Bridge, with all of our angels. Hugs to you, and your Maw and Paw!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  4. Awwww thanks all youse guys! OK, I don’t have much tender in me but Donna, I can’t wait to meet Murphy and Cassie and give them kisses from you. Rene, I promise I will be nice to Jerry since I am in total awe of him. Plus he is super handsome! And how cool is it that we get to celebrate our shared birthday together in person (in dawg?) for all eternity?? I’ll work on a sign for ya, ‘K? Jackie, I will be sure and hug my mom for you–in one of her dreams or something, I’ll figure it out–I am a smart Shepherd Dawg. Linda, thanks for having faith in me to be a good Lead Shepherd, I am fully confident I will kick a$$ on this job! And I can’t wait to meet your Max (swoon). I will be sure to give him all your love. Michelle, no worries, Ima figure out how to regulate y’all from the Great Beyond. You’ll never know I’m gone! I am looking for Sassy and Bosch and will mos’ def give ’em your love. I already sent 2 signs to Maw and Paw–Maw got to see my banner almost as soon as Admin Guy made it and it rained all day where they live so I sent ’em a rainbow at the end of the day 🙂
    Codie Rae Shepherd, Lead Shepherd, Rainbow Bridge

  5. Codie Rae,
    I am kinda sad. I know you are healthy and enjoying life at the Bridge. My heart is breaking because we miss you and your Regulating everything.
    I know your Maw and Paw are kinda sad too. Please give them a sign you are Ok. Please say hi to Bosch and Sassy.


  6. Oh Codie Rae! As soon as I saw the title I got this big ole lump in my stomach. And then I read further and saw I was sadly right. But if our Max (another GSD extrodinair) taught me anything it’s when you can’t do all the things you love to do anymore life kind of sucks. So with tears I tell you goodbye for now. You go “shepherd” my Max and your Maw’s Rosa who I’m sure are bff’s by now up there…and I know you’re going to be the bestest Lead Sheperd they ever saw! Sending tons of love and hugs to your Maw and Paw too. Even though you had a full full life filled with love and wonder I know they’re sad and missing you…..we’re all going to miss you ❤️😥

  7. Codie Rae you are one of a kind, girlie! And only a girl of your substance could possibly have been considered for the position. I have no doubt you left the rest drooling. You have the bestest sense of humor, and I will miss you dearly.
    When your mama channels you next, please reach out and give her a huge hug from me. I am too far to do it myself.
    Keeping your whole pack in my thoughts, sending you the biggest hugs and lots of love.
    Jackie and Huck

  8. Oh Codie, we are trying hard to be happy for your big move to Regulator of the Skies. And I know if we cry you will make fun of us for being a bunch of wussies. But I gotta be honest: you stole our hearts, and life will never be the same.

    We have so many great memories of you. From the first time we laid eyes on you at the dog park, we knew you were something special. And little did we know that you had some crazy times in store for us…namely in the form of your three-legged deputy, Wyatt Ray. What a gift! Plus, we got to know your super cool people too. BONUS! I can’t imagine what our life will be like without you leading us around here on earth, but I have a feeling that your regulating extends far beyond our earth clothes. I’m waitin’ for that first sign lady!

    Some day we’ll meet again, but until then, go get ’em. And please bring out your sweet self to Jerry OK? Just ’cause he’s got the pointy ears, make no mistake, he’s a sensitive soul and nothing like that maniac Wyatt! I know he will fall in love with your tender side.

    Life around here will sure be boring without you. Send us a sign when you get bored. We love you furever.

  9. Oh Codie Rae, you sure are going to be missed around here! I’m glad that you’re feeling better, getting to run around at the Bridge. Please kiss Murphy & Cassie for me <3
    Hugs to your mom & dad from me

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