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Chapter 3: Homie-cide, Life on the Streets Yo! We were gonna show Barney the town but dang, those Oaktown peeps done gone crazy. Three homicides in three hours last night! We decided to keep our heads down and hang tight in our crib. Meantime, Travis Ray been doin’ a little research on the web—Duuuuude, watcha […]

Chapter 2  Road Trip!! So, much as we hated to we had to leave Colorado—something about mom has a job and can’t just take off forever. Sigh, we were soooo sad to leave Wyatt Ray. What a baaaaad boy! I just love bossing him around and seeing him pin his ears back and roll his […]

Chapter 1  Rocky Mountain High So, me and the pack went to Colorado last week to visit our long lost homie—Wyatt Ray Dawg. In case you furgot, he escaped from a life where people tie dawgs outside and never let them in the house and abandon them when they get tangled up in their chains […]