The Killbarney Tour: Chillin’ With the Oaktown Pack

Chapter 3: Homie-cide, Life on the Streets

Yo! We were gonna show Barney the town but dang, those Oaktown peeps done gone crazy. Three homicides in three hours last night! We decided to keep our heads down and hang tight in our crib. Meantime, Travis Ray been doin’ a little research on the web—Duuuuude, watcha think he found out? Floyd ain’t related to Barney! Nope, he sure isn’t! Little purple bear been takin’ us for a ride!

Nopawdy takes the Oaktown Pack for a fool, oh no they don’t. We decided to git ‘im. And to show Barney a thing or two as well—need to drive all thoughts of fluffy pink ears outta his brain…….



Let 'im have it!
Get outta here Barney








Watch this Barney!




Floyd must die!!








Floyd, disemboweled


Got 'im good!








Take that Floyd! NOpawdy messes with the Oaktown Pack!


Your turn Barneeeee!









You gonna die too 'lil dude!
Be afraid!









Be very afraid!
You in Oaktown dude!









He's miiiine! You ready to die now???
Just kidding Barneee!































…….OK, we think Barney is on the straight and narrow again. We gonna dust him off and send him on to his next stop. Hope his next host is handy with a needle—he had a head wound when he got here—his scalp is kind of disintegrating (maybe that accounts for his delusions of fluffy pinkness). Its a little worse for wear but Mom never took Home Ec so its totally beyond her capabilities!



6 thoughts on “The Killbarney Tour: Chillin’ With the Oaktown Pack”

  1. I second the “awesome photo journalism!”

    Now this truly was a Barney visit done right. Jerry would be very proud.

    Two thumbs up to the Oaktown Pack 🙂

  2. I cry foul!!! F-O-U-L !! 14 German Sheps is NOT FAIR! (that’s what I counted!)

    Sorry Barney. I didn’t know they’d gang up on you. I would have saved you but GSD’s kinda got me spooked! They seemed to think I’m a real bunny!

    But! I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again…DO NOT trust anything or anyone purple! Pink – OKAY. Purple – NOT OKAY! Look what happened to Floyd! He was a lightweight!

    Sorry about the brain damage but consider yourself lucky…you could have DIED!

    -Monkeybutt-bunny Vampire Pirate

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