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The Killbarney Tour: Chillin’ With the Oaktown Pack

Chapter 2  Road Trip!!

So, much as we hated to we had to leave Colorado—something about mom has a job and can’t just take off forever. Sigh, we were soooo sad to leave Wyatt Ray. What a baaaaad boy! I just love bossing him around and seeing him pin his ears back and roll his eyes in fear! Man, Wyatt and his pawrents sure got down and showed us the bestest time! We totally dug it!

Pops likes to just get on the road in the Tripawdmobile and put the pedal to the metal so we made it home in two days. But we took a little time along the way to show Barney and Floyd a good time…….Four states in one day! We’ll have to check fur sure but I don’t think Barney has been to Wyoming, Utah, or Nevada before. So here’s the proof!

Here’s Barney and Floyd at the Great Divide Basin in Wyoming. We wanted to stop at the Continental Divide but there wasn’t an exit. Whattup with that?!?







Here’s Barney and Floyd at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah!







Ooooh, don’t get left behind Barney! Where the heck did Foyd go???







Here’s Barney at the Gold Country Casino where we stayed in Elko, Nevada. What a great place—three dogs? No problem! We’re thinkin’ Barney has a little problem—he spent all his time in the casino!







Here’s a dead antelope on the wall at the casino-we saw lots of those on our trip through Colorado and Wyoming but they were all alive….







Yo! Whattup wit’ dose I-80 rest stops? The peeps get to play on the soft cool shady grass……







…….and us K9’s hafta pee in the hot sun and dodge nasty poky puncture vine! So. Not. Fair.







Dawg, were we tired when we got home…….







Stay tuned for the final chapter of Barney’s adventures with the Oaktown Pack……….


  1. Codie Rae Said,

    July 31, 2011@ 8:47 pm      

    Oh yeah, right, fur ball. I am soooooo scared. You’re just all hopped up on drugs. Yeah, you’re all tuff now that I am 1,000 miles away. But you were singing a different tune (sounded an awful lot like ‘Mammy’ to me) when I was in yo face.

    Plus, your wiener is nekkid! Awahahahaha!!! Who could be scared of any boydawg with a shaved wiener! You’re just overcompensating to cover your deep seated sense of embarrassment and shame.

    But dude, I furgive you for getting uppity, you’re part of the pack–now and furever.

    Codie Rae

  2. FeartheEars Said,

    July 30, 2011@ 6:38 pm      

    Hey Wyatt! Who’s your alpha?

  3. Jackie Said,

    July 30, 2011@ 2:18 pm      

    No dogs on the grass?? WtH kinda place is that?

    Looks like a fun time! (Mom?!?! Can we go on a road trip???)

    Rest up so you can kill Barney real good!

  4. wyattraydawg Said,

    July 30, 2011@ 1:58 pm      

    Hey you guys are REAL road dawgs now. Let’s hit the road this winter, we’ll take Barney cross-country!

    Codie, you know, I just let you THINK you can boss me around. It’s my own way of keeping the peace when you’re here so I don’t RIP YOUR HEAD OFF and embarass my peeps.

    Look out Miss Tuff Girl, I’ll get ya!

  5. admin Said,

    July 30, 2011@ 1:29 pm      

    …don’t think Barney has been to Wyoming, Utah, or Nevada.

    Nope. Readers can see all his visits on the KillBarney Tour Map. Looking forward to hearing how he fared in the hood.

  6. chilidawg Said,

    July 30, 2011@ 11:40 am      

    Wow, you guys got a lot of traveling in! Love the last picture of you resting, it made me tired just reading about your adventure!

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