Can it really be 5 years?

We love you Jerry! You are always in our hearts and we will be firing up the altar tonight in celebration of your life! You and your pawrents never cease to inspire us and the Tripawds Nation that has grown out of the love your pawrents have for you has simply got to be one of the most amazing communities on the planet. We are so proud to be a part of this thing that is so much greater than us all and unites so many around a common cause, love for their best friends. Thank you Big Dawg, for planting the seed …..


Codie Rae, Smokey B., Travis Ray, Austin Ray, Martha, and Ralph


   Jerry G. Dawg,

Patron Saint of Tripawds


Bless us one and all.

   Lend us your strength,

joy, and love.

   Guide us through pain

and sorrow,

to the here and now,

where all is

as it should be.

   We shall hold you

in our hearts forever.


 We Love You Jerry

Lucky Numbah 7!

Yo Everypawdy!

Today I celebrated my lucky #7 ampuversary……With my very first ever FLYING DUTCHMAN (Travis sez thanks to our most beautiful Abby)!!! Wooohoooo what a PAWTAY! Celebrating 7 glorious years as a tripawd! Celebrating not getting pts’d (what ever that is). You can see how close I came! Lucky for me somepawdy at the shelter thought I was sweet (whatever that is)….and the lady that called on 8/1? That turned out to be my Mom!

Feel free to celebrate with me any old time! Everypawdy tell your pawrents…….Flying Dutchmans for ALL!!!!!!

xoxox, Codie Rae


Woohoo! Tripawd Awareness Day!

Can’t wait for 3/3/13!! So here’s my short tail…..

I am Codie Rae, I rule the Oaktown Pack with an iron paw. My life changed for the better 7 years ago… I was dumped at the shelter with a wire wrapped around my leg. Next thing I woke up with 3 legs… it was time to get on with LIFE! Being a regulator is a full time job but I moonlight as a video star, representing the Tripawds Nation! We have over 1 million views and if “my” video results in the adoption of just one lonely tripawd then I will be the happiest dawg on the planet!

Live Your Dreams!
Live Your Dreams!

Help me Get this Dawg Outta My House!

Yo Everypawdy!

Austin Ray, our foster homie, is running for Mayor! One of our local indie TV Stations, KOFY TV 20 (yes, a shameless plug) is having a contest. So not only is Austin campaigning for a furever home but he is campaigning for Mayor of Alameda County as well! Check it out and vote for Austin Ray! Help send this tripawd to the Dawg House and outta MY house! Pleeeeeze? You can vote every day! Pleeeeeeeeeze? These are the Primaries, whatever those are. The top 3 dawgs for each county will go on to campaign for Mayor! What better dawg to win than a tripawd rescue? Austin’s gonna represent big time, just wait ‘n see. His campaign managers are workin’ overtime!

Thanks a million! xoxox, Codie Rae





6 Years and Still Rockin’ It!

Yo Everypawdy!

July 5th was my ampuversary numbah 6! Yup, I’m still a bitch, oops, going strong, and proud of it! And I’m here to prove that losing a leg at an early age is no problemo for most dawgs. I’m not a cancer survivor, just had an unfortunate start with some really stupid peeps. I lost my leg at the tender age of 8 months but hey, I never looked back!

So me ‘n the Oaktown Pack had a most pawsome pawty that lasted for two days! Here is the documentary evidence……. 😉



Ima in the B9 Bingo Club AND Ima Millionaire!!!!

Yo Everypawdy!

So I had this lump on my neck……1 surgery and 1 biopsy later–no more lump and it was B9! Most excellent, dontcha think? Travis Ray had to copy me and get a lump too. His was B9 too! Now we are having a contest to see who can grow their fur back faster! TR is ahead, dang it!

So, while I was playing Bingo I became a millionaire!! Me ‘n Patrick busted a million views last night–WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! Here’s the proof!








That means a million peeps (well maybe 998,000 peeps because my mom and pop have played that video AT LEAST 2,000 times) have seen ME, Codie Rae, representing all YOU fabulous tripawd warriors, and rescue dawgs everywhere. Those peeps are still talkin’ about how COOL I am, how they didn’t notice I was a tripawd until the 25th time they watched the video, how I bring a tear to their eye, etc, etc. I can’t tell you how proud I am, not for myself (well, maybe just a little), but that peeps are seeing my video and learning that tripawds R.O.C.K. If it wasn’t for Tripawds, I wouldn’t be here. I am so happy to pay it forward and, I know I’ve said it before, but I mean it……..If my moment in the Spotlight results in just one lonely tripawd finding a furever home or one family realizing that amputation and life on 3 legs is a real option, not a death sentence, then I will die a happy, hippy, hoppy dawg! We don’t need no stinkin’ pity, we don’t whine and moan about our poor lost legs, we just get on with living life one day at a time and lovin’ every minute of it! Yesh we DO!

XOXOX, Codie Rae

p.s. In case you are new around here and havn’t seen me ‘n Patrick kickin’ it check it out!  Plus you can see the whole story of how the video was made here.