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Can’t wait for 3/3/13!! So here’s my short tail…..

I am Codie Rae, I rule the Oaktown Pack with an iron paw. My life changed for the better 7 years ago… I was dumped at the shelter with a wire wrapped around my leg. Next thing I woke up with 3 legs… it was time to get on with LIFE! Being a regulator is a full time job but I moonlight as a video star, representing the Tripawds Nation! We have over 1 million views and if “my” video results in the adoption of just one lonely tripawd then I will be the happiest dawg on the planet!

Live Your Dreams!

Live Your Dreams!

Yo Everypawdy! Hope you are all finding peace, love, and hoppiness in the last days of the year amongst your family and friends. This is the most amazing community EVER!


Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

Xmas 2012 for tripawds


Weeee looooooove yoooooou!!!!!!!!


Yo Everypawdy!

Austin Ray, our foster homie, is running for Mayor! One of our local indie TV Stations, KOFY TV 20 (yes, a shameless plug) is having a contest. So not only is Austin campaigning for a furever home but he is campaigning for Mayor of Alameda County as well! Check it out and vote for Austin Ray! Help send this tripawd to the Dawg House and outta MY house! Pleeeeeze? You can vote every day! Pleeeeeeeeeze? These are the Primaries, whatever those are. The top 3 dawgs for each county will go on to campaign for Mayor! What better dawg to win than a tripawd rescue? Austin’s gonna represent big time, just wait ‘n see. His campaign managers are workin’ overtime!

Thanks a million! xoxox, Codie Rae





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Me ‘n the OP heard our homie Wyatt Ray is havin’ himself some skwirl trouble out there on the ranch.

Hey Wyatt! We got your back! Mr. Skwirl gotta be hurtin’ pretty baaaad right about now!


Yo Everypawdy!

July 5th was my ampuversary numbah 6! Yup, I’m still a bitch, oops, going strong, and proud of it! And I’m here to prove that losing a leg at an early age is no problemo for most dawgs. I’m not a cancer survivor, just had an unfortunate start with some really stupid peeps. I lost my leg at the tender age of 8 months but hey, I never looked back!

So me ‘n the Oaktown Pack had a most pawsome pawty that lasted for two days! Here is the documentary evidence……. 😉



Yo Everypawdy!

So I had this lump on my neck……1 surgery and 1 biopsy later–no more lump and it was B9! Most excellent, dontcha think? Travis Ray had to copy me and get a lump too. His was B9 too! Now we are having a contest to see who can grow their fur back faster! TR is ahead, dang it!

So, while I was playing Bingo I became a millionaire!! Me ‘n Patrick busted a million views last night–WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! Here’s the proof!








That means a million peeps (well maybe 998,000 peeps because my mom and pop have played that video AT LEAST 2,000 times) have seen ME, Codie Rae, representing all YOU fabulous tripawd warriors, and rescue dawgs everywhere. Those peeps are still talkin’ about how COOL I am, how they didn’t notice I was a tripawd until the 25th time they watched the video, how I bring a tear to their eye, etc, etc. I can’t tell you how proud I am, not for myself (well, maybe just a little), but that peeps are seeing my video and learning that tripawds R.O.C.K. If it wasn’t for Tripawds, I wouldn’t be here. I am so happy to pay it forward and, I know I’ve said it before, but I mean it……..If my moment in the Spotlight results in just one lonely tripawd finding a furever home or one family realizing that amputation and life on 3 legs is a real option, not a death sentence, then I will die a happy, hippy, hoppy dawg! We don’t need no stinkin’ pity, we don’t whine and moan about our poor lost legs, we just get on with living life one day at a time and lovin’ every minute of it! Yesh we DO!

XOXOX, Codie Rae

p.s. In case you are new around here and havn’t seen me ‘n Patrick kickin’ it check it out!  Plus you can see the whole story of how the video was made here.



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Its been two long, or two short years, depending on you you look at it, since my blood sister for life, Caira Sue, left me behind. Rez dog, ball obsessed, pawesometastic, founding member of the Tripawd Girldogs With 2 Names ROCK Club.

She came to me this morning in the form of not one, but SEVEN blacktailed jack rabbits……..Thanks for visiting grrrrlfriend!


Codie Rae


Where’s the Oaktown Pack +1? We love you tripawds one and all!!!!


Chapter 3: Homie-cide, Life on the Streets

Yo! We were gonna show Barney the town but dang, those Oaktown peeps done gone crazy. Three homicides in three hours last night! We decided to keep our heads down and hang tight in our crib. Meantime, Travis Ray been doin’ a little research on the web—Duuuuude, watcha think he found out? Floyd ain’t related to Barney! Nope, he sure isn’t! Little purple bear been takin’ us for a ride!

Nopawdy takes the Oaktown Pack for a fool, oh no they don’t. We decided to git ‘im. And to show Barney a thing or two as well—need to drive all thoughts of fluffy pink ears outta his brain…….



Let 'im have it!

Get outta here Barney








Watch this Barney!




Floyd must die!!








Floyd, disemboweled


Got 'im good!








Take that Floyd! NOpawdy messes with the Oaktown Pack!


Your turn Barneeeee!









You gonna die too 'lil dude!

Be afraid!









Be very afraid!

You in Oaktown dude!









He's miiiine! You ready to die now???

Just kidding Barneee!































…….OK, we think Barney is on the straight and narrow again. We gonna dust him off and send him on to his next stop. Hope his next host is handy with a needle—he had a head wound when he got here—his scalp is kind of disintegrating (maybe that accounts for his delusions of fluffy pinkness). Its a little worse for wear but Mom never took Home Ec so its totally beyond her capabilities!