Swamp Thing Terrorizes Oaktown Neighborhood….Thousands Flee!

Amid storm clouds, thunder, and lightning, panicked residents fled in terror as a Swamp Thing rose from the depths of an Oaktown backyard today. One woman missing, several injured as swamp creature rampages through the neighborhood. Police and fire department at a loss as to how to stop it. Mayor urges residents to shelter in place.

swamp thang


5 thoughts on “Swamp Thing Terrorizes Oaktown Neighborhood….Thousands Flee!”

  1. Yeah cleary there’s so ethingin the water over there in Oaktown! Let’s hoe it doesn’t infiltrate the water supply of the rest of the nation!!

    Kudos for a very creative…err…hmm….unique mind!!

    Codie Rae’s got that thing corned!! Here comes supper!

    Thanks for the smiles today!

    Sally and Happy Hannah
    Sally and Happy Hannah

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