Tripawds Rock CA Cancer Walk!

Well……of course they did! Martha here (Codie Rae is graciously allowing me to use her blog). I had to stay home under a measles quarantine (found out today I have immunity … grrrrr) but Austin Ray of the Oaktown Pack was there with Ralph (aka Fear the Ears) and life-saver Karen showed up with the Pugapalooza (Tani, a long time cancer survivor, and Obie) to lend a hand so Team Tripawds was well represented. It was a beautiful day and there were 1100 peeps signed up for the Morris Animal Foundation K9 cancer walk in Los Gatos CA, which raised something on the order of $130,000 to fight animal cancer. That is almost double their fundraising goal! Team Tripawds more than doubled their fundraising goal so a huge thanks is in order to everyone who made that possible through their generous donations!

Ralph and Karen were busy the whole time talking to people and handing out our custom made Paw Patch Pastries treats and Austin, Tani, and Obie demonstrated their K9 fitness on the Fit Paws balance disc. Ralph said that he talked to a couple of vets who said was an amazing resource and that they always send people facing amputation here! He also said almost everyone he talked to said “Oh, I had a tripawd once …  or … I know somebody who has a tripawd.” How cool is that? Tripawds are becoming par for the course, rather than being a ‘freak show’ that people feel sorry for. At least they are around here! Three other tripawds came by to visit and, all in all, Team Tripawds had a blast! Behold the photographic evidence!


4 thoughts on “Tripawds Rock CA Cancer Walk!”

  1. Haha! The only true Tripawd freakshow is CODIE and the OAKTOWN PACK!


    Thanks for bringing in the bacon, you guys rock!

  2. ARRRRWWWWOOOOOO! Oh My DOG this is pawsome pawesome pawesome! Thank you so much for the great update.

    Everyone, thank you for all you did to help kick cancers A$$! What an amazing day and what a difference everyone made.

    We need to get the word out..DOUBLING the fundraising goal? YIPEEE!!!

    P.S. glad you got the immunity girl!

  3. Way to go Team Tripawds!!! Wish we could have been there!

    Luanne & Spirit Shooter

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