Let them eat CAKE!!!!!!

So me ‘n the Oaktown Pack drove ALL the way to San Francisco yesterday to help out our BFF and honorary Auntie Carla of Paw Patch Pastries. She invited us to a photo shoot ’cause she is redesigning her website ’cause she has a real live store now and she wants new pictures. Of US and her most pawesome baked goods! We got to meet two photographers and there were bright lights and we had to be good and sit in front of the most awesome smelling cake and they told us to leave it and we just couldn’t so maw and paw had to hang on to us while they took about a gazillion pictures! Here’s what it looked like, can you smell it????


Finally we got to EAT the CAKE! OMD it was SO good! There were three layers ‘n each tasted different–there was berries on top ‘n peanut butter in the middle ‘n liver ‘n BACON on the bottom and it had fondant icing and decorations. Can you believe she made all those cute little paws by hand???? Here’s what it looked like AFTER we got our teeth into it:


Auntie Carla said she made it special for us and we got to take it HOME with us! We’re gonna be eating cake , for a month at least!!!! Woohoo! We loves us our Auntie Carla, she is the BEST! Stay tooned for actual photos of us and the cake, coming soon…….

7 thoughts on “Let them eat CAKE!!!!!!”

  1. BTW, thats a ‘lil graduation hat with a tassel ‘n all on the tippy top. We were ‘sposed to pretend we were the graduating obedience class. Shhhh, don’t anyone tell Auntie Carla I failed “Difficult Dog” class, ‘K???? 😉

  2. Codie Rae, I agree with you, Paw Patch Pastries ROCKS!! I’ve ordered from Carla on several occasions, and she always takes the time to ask exactly what I would like, and goes the extra mile even asking if she could bake smaller treats for little dogs! I’m so happy she has opened her own store. I hope she has much success!! I know at least the Oaktown Pack will keep her in business!!

  3. Oh Codie Rae!!! You have me in stitches over here!!!

    Unbelievable restraint from you and your pack! Of course, the fact that yoh were indeed restrained explains some of your kncredible best behavior.

    And that cake…..OMD….YUMMY DELICIOUS!!!! I fully expected slobber from Happy Hannah at the Bridge to drop down on my screen all over the cake!!!

    This is the best cake EVER!! And you got to eat it!! Did you share it with your humans?

    Best of luck to your Aunt Cara and this wonderful pastry shop! Imw gonna go check it out now.

    Much love to you Codie Rae…a
    AND your Momma and all the Oaktown Pack!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

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