Mill Valley Tripawty 2015!!

And a grrrreat time was had by all! Check out the photographic evidence 🙂

Diane doin the Tripawd Rap
Diane doing the Tripawd Rap …

Ima Tripawd

So you better be awed

‘Cause I gots my own blog

And Ima cool dawg!

The Golden Girls photo shoot
The Golden Girls photo shoot with Bernie and Linda working on their photobomb strategy
Austin Ray and Mom's butt
Austin Ray and Mom’s butt
Diane, John and Linda watching Bernie molest a poor unsuspecting lady
Diane, John and Linda watching Bernie molest a poor unsuspecting lady
Austin Ray lusting after Shelby's L'il Red Wagon
Austin Ray lusting after Shelby’s L’il Red Wagon
Shelby and Emmy with their chauffeur and Pugmom Karen with Obie
Shelby and Emmy with their Chauffeur and Pugmom Karen with Obie
Representing the Oaktown Pack
Representing the Oaktown Pack

See y’all next time everypawdy!!!

5 thoughts on “Mill Valley Tripawty 2015!!”

  1. Um….Sally … thats me and Ralph and Austin Ray. We may have had some alcohol (JK) but there was no husband swapping taking place at this event ;)! And Codie Rae stays home since she doesn’t play well with others 🙂

  2. LOVE these …. Jasper and I so want to attend the next one! We’ll go to both coasts to party w/our Tripawd family….great photos!!! Can’t wait to meet you all!!!


  3. Now THAT looks like a pawty! Dang you guys, what fun! Sorry for those who missed being with a truly special bunch. Thanks for including us in your celebration.

  4. Clearly you all had something at your pawty we did not..A LOT OF ALCOHOL!!!

    I mean, Dianne rapping, Bernie…well, Bernie’s just being Bernie stone cold sober! Karen holding up a tree..Shelby “on the wagon”…..ohhhh my!

    Very pretty place and it really is wonderful that all the “old timers” do stay connected. You’re very, very imlortant to the Tripawds Universe on so many levels!

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful day!

    Lots of love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    PS…You and John are a handsome couple…and Codie Rae is a beauty!!

  5. Well, darn I know Alison would have made it if she could. Still looks like everyone had fun. I want to see more of Bernie and his shenanigans 🙂 Maybe one day I will make it to the west coast too and check out your pawty. 🙂

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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