Cute Tripawd Gretchen in No. Calif. needs a furever home!

My mom ran across this sweetie on the web today , she is with Big Dog Rescue in Penngrove, near Santa Rosa. I should call them and tell them she needs two names–Gretchen Rae? Gretchen Sue? Gretchen Mae? Watcha think? Then she could joint the Awesome Tripawd Girldodgs With 2 Names Club! My mom posted this in the forums but I wanted to put her info here too to maximize her exposure. Won’t you think about giving her a home?

Gretchen in Penngrove, CA

  • Breed: German Shepherd Dog
  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Black with Gray or Silver
  • Sex: female
  • Age: Young
  • Neutered? Yes
  • Good with kids? Yes
  • Good with dogs? Yes
  • Shots up to date? Yes
Gretchen is a black and silver German Shepherd puppy. She’s about 7 months old. She’s a very sweet girl and loves to play. Gretchen unfortunately had a run in with a car and lost her right rear leg in an accident, at the time of the surgery she was also spayed. She is very good with dogs and not aggressive but very curious about cats. Her foster family is working on house training, basic obedience (she already knows sit and down), and strengthening her rear leg. She has become quite adept at going up and down stairs. Gretchen can jump into a car but needs help with taller vehicles. She’s a special girl with special needs, her new family will need to keep her fit and trim because of the missing leg. Despite her handicap, she loves to cuddle, walk, run and play.

If you are interested in adopting this dog  please fill out an online adoption application by copying and pasting the following address into your web browser:…..FormID=584

You can check out more about Big Dog Rescue, where Gretchen has her own web page, at:

Tripawd Girldogs With 2 Names ROCK!!

Yes, I have said it before but it is now official!  Behold our beauty and revel in the waves with us! We had so much fun last Saturday! Caira Sue is all about the ball and I am all about herding Caira Sue. We were previewing a potential new venue for upcoming Tripawd Hop events. Caira Sue discovered this pawsome beach on Sherman Island (near Antioch). We give it six paws up!!!!

CR_CS_8CR_CS_4CR_CS_6CR_CS_5CR_CS_3CR_CS_9CR_CS_2Hey, do ya think we have a future modeling for Ruffwear? Synchronized tripawd girldog swimming?CR_CS_1CR_CS_7

Spirit Yoda Hear My Plea

Dear Spirit Yoda, Oh Mighty Rodent Killer, we bow down to you in awe, We…. Are….Not…. Worthy….

We LOVE your new sign off tag thingie (whatever those are called).

Yoda & Mom united: 9/5/06 Yoda & leg seperated: 6/5/09 Yoda & leg reunited: 10/14/09 Yoda & Mom separated: Duh, never! Spirit Yoda is currently free-lancing as a rabbit hunting instructor for tripawds across the nation

And we see that it has changed since we copied this one, so that is a good thing! But, onward…….

Oh Great One! I am eagerly awaiting a visitation and personal training session with you. This turrible skwirl is making my head spin, always chattering and bouncing around in the trees outside, or running along the top of the fence. He is mocking me, Codie Rae! Its pretty much just the biggest outrage ever! And then brother dog Smokey is convinced there is something that smells an awful lot like a rat in the shed. He keeps patrolling around out there but has not been able to find it.

Oh, Great Yoda, we are overrun with rodents! In fact, I think we are surrounded! King Kong is nowhere to be seen and besides, he would probably scream if he saw a rodent! Oh Great Master Yoda, you are our only hope. Please Please hear our plea! We are lighting candles to you every night and putting out offerings of only the best biscuits. I just heard you are partial to salmon sticks so I will beg my mom to get some for the altar…soon soon soon! I know you must be awfully busy right now but if you could just see your way to visiting SOON, or like, Now Now Now I would SO be forever in your debt.

Your humble servant (and you know how hard it is for me to say that),


Codie Rae

p.s. I will tell you a secret…that picture of me at the war dawgs memorial in my last post? I was not really being pensive about those wonderful dawgs who gave their all to keep this land free for tripawds, Oh No, not at all! I was staring at a skwirl in a tree! And wishing….well, you know what I was wishing!

A Monumental Time

Hey Everypawdy!

So, we are staying at Wyatt Ray’s house now and mom has a minute to post for me. Yay! We are having so much fun!

This has been a Monumental trip!

Red Rock PassHey! Hey! I have crossed the continental divide about a gazillion times now—have you? Ever? Its pretty cool! Here’s papa, Smokey and me on top of the world and Red Rock Pass, MT! Smokey is in Idaho and I am in Montana. How cool is that?

CR and Shep_2And OMG, we stayed in Ft. Benton, MT where there are three awesome memorials to dawgs! Two are for a dog named Shep. He held vigil for his dead human for years at the train station until he was so old and deaf he didn’t hear the train coming one day. The local Boy Scouts were his pall bearers and they buried him on a knoll above the train station.  Here I am with Shep up on the knoll!

CR and Shep3The town loved Shep so much they made another memorial to him down by the river. I had to hang out with him there too, and soak up all his good qualities. It is fancier and all but I have to admit I liked the original one up on the knoll better. I hope that someday somebody will remember me for one of my great qualities decades after I die. I wanna be just like Shep!

War dog CRFort  Benton also has a memorial to the Vietnam war dawgs. OMD, I was so moved by this and, like, totally honored to have my picture taken at the memorial. Here in this little tiny town on the Missouri River in the middle of nowhere Montana. This is one dawg lovin’ town! Woohoo, I love Fort Benton!

Wish you were here everybody!



Ima Birthday Grrrrrl!!!!!!

Hey Everypawdy,

CR snow

Happy Happy Birthday to Me Me Me!!!! Its my fourth birthday, here in Ft. Benton MT, and am I having a grrrreat time!

We got to play in the snow on the way here. Yesh! It was pawdalicious!

After lusting for BEEF for lo these many days I got STEAK for dinner!!!!!! Montana wheat fed Angus no doubt……Woohoo!!!!!!!

CR steak


p.s. Eat your heart out chikn breath 😉


So, I tend to be pretty vocal in the truck as we are riding down the road but my folks finally got it the other day. They realized it wasn’t just random barking (it never is!)….They distinctly heard me saying ‘Steak, Steak, Steak, STEAK!’ as we were passing all those black angus in the field……


Moving to Montana Soon….Gonna be a Dental Floss Tycoon (yes I am….)

Lets sneak up on himWe have been really busy so mom is behind the times posting for me, AGAIN. First, I wanna say what a pawdalicious time I had at the Tripawd Pawty last weekend. Sorry about the misunderstanding Montana, I don’t know what I was thinking! Caira Sue, girlfriend! I wanna play with you every day! Shelby, you are so pretty, you reallyShelby! ARE a princess. And Cemil, you are such a big happy guy you just make me smile. Papa only took a few photos this time so it was great everyone else got busy too!

So, we are on the road now. Five states in three days and now we are in MONTANA! Woohoo! We are hanging out in this cute little cabin near Glacier for a few days. Gonna go into town and see if we can find a ‘WiFi HotSpot’, whatever that is….I only know about the kind I am getting on my butt. On the way here we stopped in Chemult OR for the night. The place we were going to stay said the had given all their rooms to firefighters (we saw a big fire on the way… I guess they weren’t lying). So, they paid for us J to stay at another place up the road. Pretty funky but a wild scene going on….all these folks camped out all around CR does Dunhamthe motel ‘cause they were harvesting Matsutake mushrooms to send to Japan. They had buyers in tents right there and supposedly the mushrooms get to Japan within 48 hours! I bet I could be a mushroom hunting dog!

Then we went to Walla Walla, WA (saw Mt Hood and Mt Adams—boy are they big! With Wyatt’s new favorite, SNOW on top) to stop by Dunham Cellars, home of Mmmm chiknThree-legged Red, a great wine named after a great Tripawd, Port the border collie! We got Wyatt a little souvenir and mom and dad got a lot of wine! Then we went to KFC!

Tripawd Pawty Preview!

So, Caira Sue beat me to the punch but only because I can’t type and my mom is soooo slow. We had such a great time at our tripawd pawty preview get together last Saturday!!!!!

Caira Sue is just screamin’ awesome! I could chase that girl all day long! And Cemil, what a sweet, dignified young dawg! I’d be happy to have him at my back any day—he is soooo biiiig! He could just sit on the enemy and that would be that! I hope there are still mud puddles on Saturday! Yeah!

See ya’ll, ya better be there or be sooooooo square!

WooHoo Tripawds Rule!!


To My Adoring Fans

To Wyatt and Shelby and all of you, thank you so much for your adoration! You shall be my first special fans to receive my pawdograph. Put it in a special place because, as my fame spreads around the planet, I am sure it will be worth lots and lots of money!
Thank you, thank you my dear fans, I love you all.
Codie Rae Pawdograph