Ima Birthday Grrrrrl!!!!!!

Hey Everypawdy,

CR snow

Happy Happy Birthday to Me Me Me!!!! Its my fourth birthday, here in Ft. Benton MT, and am I having a grrrreat time!

We got to play in the snow on the way here. Yesh! It was pawdalicious!

After lusting for BEEF for lo these many days I got STEAK for dinner!!!!!! Montana wheat fed Angus no doubt……Woohoo!!!!!!!

CR steak


p.s. Eat your heart out chikn breath 😉

8 thoughts on “Ima Birthday Grrrrrl!!!!!!”

  1. Awww, thanks everybody! I have been thinking of all of you on my trip and wishing you were all here to share the fun times!

    Woohoo! CAKE!!!! I promise not to bite 🙂

    Caira Sue, you are so sweet–you really ARE my BFF! I will be home soooon and we can play!

    Codie Rae

  2. Hey hey who ya callin’ chicken breath girlfriend?

    Well you just wait….

    Hoppy Birthday Codie Rae, I hope you don’t get a belly ache from eating all that snow and cow.


  3. Who Knew? Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Cake sounds good, but I’ll be sure to keep my paws away from your mouth.

  4. Happy Birthday Codie Rae!!! Hope you enjoyed your delicious and juicy steak… and get to have many, many more! (steaks AND birthdays!!!)

    Jake’s Mom

  5. You had to snap FAST to get that pix before the steak was gone! WOW! Such bravery!
    Caira Sue wants Codie Rae to know that she has been out playing at dog parks several times since meeting and no one-NO ONE is as cool as Codie Rae. She just can’t get the same adventuresome spirit out of the other dogs….or maybe they just don’t want to chase as much…she hasn’t really analyzed it. Point is, everyone else just sticks around for a couple minutes and then runs off to their humans. Boring. So enjoy your snow and steak, but come on back to the Bay soon!

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