Tripawd Girldogs With 2 Names ROCK!!

Yes, I have said it before but it is now official!  Behold our beauty and revel in the waves with us! We had so much fun last Saturday! Caira Sue is all about the ball and I am all about herding Caira Sue. We were previewing a potential new venue for upcoming Tripawd Hop events. Caira Sue discovered this pawsome beach on Sherman Island (near Antioch). We give it six paws up!!!!

CR_CS_8CR_CS_4CR_CS_6CR_CS_5CR_CS_3CR_CS_9CR_CS_2Hey, do ya think we have a future modeling for Ruffwear? Synchronized tripawd girldog swimming?CR_CS_1CR_CS_7

5 thoughts on “Tripawd Girldogs With 2 Names ROCK!!”

  1. Wyatt Ray, you nosey puppy! Don’t you know that will get you into trouble?
    I think the catfight was over who was going to run the fastest or the furthest. Or maybe who was going to pee on what blade of grass first. Actually, we forgot after our dads pulled us apart and reminded us we were friends! We both said “oh yeah! Let’s go RUN!!!!” And that’s what you see the pictures of. We’re dogs, we can changes gears so much quicker than you silly humans.

  2. Heeey CR & CS, I heard a rumor that you two got into some knock down badass catfight! Come on, tell us the REAL story. What, were you fighting over some lifeguard or something?

  3. Codie Rae and Caira Sue~
    You guys are hawt. Can I get yo numbers? Maybe in the Summer I can come down from WA and meet you sexxy bitches (hehe, i feel naughty saying that, but I guess that is your technical term…..). Hit me up if you guys ever get lonely 🙂

    Your Big Strong Boy,
    Captain Jack

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