Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Day

Hey guys,
Better late than never. I was so verklempt today I totally forgot to let you know that it was Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Day today. Seniors, big black dogs and cats, tripawds, those with other medical needs. Somehow, I think they could come up with a better name but the concept is awesome! Check it out!
Mark your calendars for next year!

Scrap This

I am heartbroken, bereft, verklempt. My bid at stardom has been dashed. Got a personal message from Geoff Talbot last night telling me I was no longer in the running to become a big movie star. At least he had the decency to let me know, like,  personally. I knew from the start that I was too beautiful for the part, I didn’t fit the screenplay–if you read Scrap’s story it is obvious he is just a common street mutt. And that he is a he.  But I was sure Geoff was going to rewrite the part for me, me, me……..Oh, well, who wants to go to stupid Prague anyway. I’d much rather go to Montana. Didn’t want to play stupid 3-legged dog idol either. Hmmmph. Whatever……

Hey! I have some regulating to do, there are some cats yowling down the block and they’re disturbing the peace and all…..


Time flies

When a girldog is busy enforcing regulations. Sorry I haven’t had time to write. I have been real busy riding herd on a certain tripawd pup named Wyatt. I have been hounding my mom to get this site whupped into shape and she finally got off her b-u-t-t- tonight! Check out the My Life page…..and my links!

Don’t know whattup with that movie thing. Do know I didn’t get anywhere near 1000 votes. Sigh.  Basically because I don’t have opposable thumbs and can’t type and my mom couldn’t get it together to write everyone she knows to vote for me (not that she knows 1000 people, HAH!). Hate depending on her for that kind of stuff. She says–toooooo bad–she is working soooo hard to pay for all that organic kibble and home made food I eat how can I expect her to have the time…..blah blah.

So, there is still I chance I could make it into the finals–cross all your paws and wish on a star for meeeeee! Maybe you will see me on 3-legged Dog Idol!!!!!


WooHoo Tripawds Rule!

Yup! That’s my motto! I am so excited to have my own blog here on! How cool is that!!!! Hey, did ya know I am entered in the “Help Find Scrap”? contest? You can vote for me! Yes you can!! I’m gonna be a BIG movie star! Woohoo!

This is the absolutely best place on the web and each and every one of you tripawds out there, and your pawrents, are totally awesome!