Time flies

When a girldog is busy enforcing regulations. Sorry I haven’t had time to write. I have been real busy riding herd on a certain tripawd pup named Wyatt. I have been hounding my mom to get this site whupped into shape and she finally got off her b-u-t-t- tonight! Check out the My Life page…..and my links!

Don’t know whattup with that movie thing. Do know I didn’t get anywhere near 1000 votes. Sigh.  Basically because I don’t have opposable thumbs and can’t type and my mom couldn’t get it together to write everyone she knows to vote for me (not that she knows 1000 people, HAH!). Hate depending on her for that kind of stuff. She says–toooooo bad–she is working soooo hard to pay for all that organic kibble and home made food I eat how can I expect her to have the time…..blah blah.

So, there is still I chance I could make it into the finals–cross all your paws and wish on a star for meeeeee! Maybe you will see me on 3-legged Dog Idol!!!!!


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