300,000 Views! WooooHooooo Tripawds Rule!!!

What a ride the last few months have been! It started early in the morning of January 10 in East Oaktown. Papa got us up at 2:30 am! He dressed me and Travis Ray in our Paco Collars, and loaded us into the Tripawdmobile. We were rolling away from the house at 2:52 am! Never … Continue reading “300,000 Views! WooooHooooo Tripawds Rule!!!”

Happy Hippy Hoppy Ampuversary to Me Me Me!!

Wow, the ampuversaries have been coming fast and furious! Happy, Happy Everypawdy! And then………Monday there was MINE! Yesh! The whole ‘hood was celebrating, in fact, everypawdy was so excited about my ‘Pawday‘* that they started celebrating a whole day early! I’ve never seen so many fireworks! And this ‘hood is known for its fireworks. And … Continue reading “Happy Hippy Hoppy Ampuversary to Me Me Me!!”