Hoppy Howlidays!!!!!!

Wow! Mom’s been too ‘busy’ (more like lazy if you ask me) to get anything posted lately but we never stop thinking of all of you, our Tripawd Heros, each and every one of you. Thank you all so much for joining together to form what has to be the greatest online community on the planet! Especially in our hearts on this Christmas Eve are all our heros who have passed this year and their pawrents. Some weeks it seemed as though the pain would never stop. But your brave stories help to educate the world that, yes indeed, tripawds rule! And your love serves to inspire the rest of us when we feel down, and gives us all the strength to carry on.  Thank You!


Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

.....and Three Tripawds in a Sleigh!

5 thoughts on “Hoppy Howlidays!!!!!!”

  1. Tell mom she’s getting pretty good with Photoshop there! And we wanna know who’s poking their head out in the corner. 🙂

  2. I hate to admit it CR but that Christmas card of the tripawd police is pretty adorable.

  3. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves Codie, thanks! What a great family we have here.

    P.S. Wyatt thinks that photo is pretty cool, and he can’t wait to get back in the snow! Your Mom is soooo talented.

  4. Oh my gosh! I love the picture. You know what else? Tripawds do rule!
    Debra & Angel Emily

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