Look at Meeeee! 10 Years on 3!!!!!

Yo Everypawdy! Its my 10th Paw Day today! Exactly 10 years ago I lost my leg and I STILL haven’t found it. And I’ve looked freakin’ EVERYWHERE! Bwahahahahahahahaha!! Oh well, who needs that pesky 4th leg anyways …. just gets in the way if ya ask me …

Flyin' on 3
Flyin’ on 3

Soooo, its been a quiet year. We haven’t been on a roadtrip since we went to the Other Place last year, our fave vacay resort for dawgz.

Fresh air. A softball. Priceless.
Fresh air. A softball. Priceless.
Beauty shot!
Beauty shot!

Dawg, that was way back last November. Whattup Maw and Paw? We need a road trip dudes!

Can we go now, Now, NOW??
Can we go now, Now, NOW??

Otherwise life has been the same ol’ same ol’. Eat.Exercise.Sleep.Regulate.Eat.Exercise.Sleep.Regulate. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t bored with life, oh no!  Livin’ with the 3 bubbas is a daily challenge of the regulatory variety, no doubt about it! And then there’s the flies that get in the house and the rats and cats in the yard and the dawgz on the street and the bikes on the trail. A girldawg’s work is never done!


Who ARE those unregulated people???
Who ARE those unregulated people???

So I am hopin’ y’all will celebrate with me once again! We had a neighborhood fireworks show last night! All for meeeee! Don’t know what we’re gonna have for dinner tonight but I bet its gonna be fantastic! So … steak, cake, and watermelon for all … and pawtay on Tripawds Nation!!!!!


Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack




9 thoughts on “Look at Meeeee! 10 Years on 3!!!!!”

  1. Codie Rae, you are such a pretty girl! Great pictures and congratulations on your milestone.

    Karma, Adelaide and the pack in the ATL, and always with our angel Brendol

  2. YO! Hey CR, I think you look pretty foxy in the pics, you don’t look like your age at all! Haw haw haw!

    I’m pretty impressed with your spunk, chick. I hope when I’m as old as you I’m half as cool.

    Thank you for always being there for Tripawds, and convincing Jim and Rene to take me on. You had to know that they were the only two who were right for me huh? Like where would I be without you?

    Luv ya sista! Hoppy Ampuversary!

  3. Oh Codie! You are the baddest beyatch of them all, and i mean that in the most complimentary way! I don’t know where this community would be without your regulation (and your peeps generosity!). Lost, that’s what I tell you!

    From the day we laid eyes on you we knew you were speshul. Thank you for all you’ve done to show us what “unstoppable!” looks like. We love you sweetie! Hoppy Ampuversary!!!!

  4. Happy Hoppy Ampuversary!!! 10 years is HUGE! Way to show the world how you can rock life on three legs! Sounds like your life is pretty fantastic right now … keeping watch on all things in the neighborhood and keeping those other three-leggers in line.

    Truly an amazing milestone and I am so happy to have gotten to know your pawrents! It’s clear they love you SO much and take such great care of you. Lots of watermelon for you.

    Hugs and love,
    alison with spirit shelby in her heart (and little jasper too)

  5. Happy 10 years beautiful Codie Ray! So happy to see you loving life! Don’t know how it can be 10 years already cause you beautiful girl don’t look a day over 5. Looking good there special girl! Enjoy your celebration!

    Linda, Riley & Spirits Mighty Max & Ollie

  6. Hoppy Hoppy 10th Ampuversary Codie Rae. You are such a beautiful girl and 10 years on 3 paws amazing. 🙂 I love all the beautiful pictures.

    Steak, cake & Watermelon for all of you. That is a great party. Who needs that 4th leg.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  7. Cody Rae! You are one amazing girl! You sure are rocking the 3! Hoppy Ampuversary Cody Rae!
    Kisses from Murphy!
    and Donna


    You really are a busy girldawg with so many things to regulate! All that and taking time to look pretty for the camera too!

    And EVERY photo is a beauty shot! That’s because you ARE a real beauty! 🙂 I’m actually mesmerized by your beautiful face! And the grace you show running on three legs…you could be a ballerina as you float through the air effortlessly!

    Mighty fine collar too! Very befitting a Sheriff GSD who has so much to regulate!

    Yes indeedy, steak and watermelon for everyone! But we do need pictures. You knkw that, right? Actually, video of you and your pack eating watermelon! ‘YAY! It’s a summer tradition now, right’

    Dont waste too much time looking for that 4th leg, okay? You’ve proven you don’t need it!

    Thanks for sharing this great milestone with us so we can celebrate with you!

    Lots and lots of love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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