9 thoughts on “Runnin’ Down A Dream”

  1. Wow this video is awesome!!! You are amazing Codie Rae! Mackenzie has a German Shepherd friend like you who trains to herd sheep too. Must run in your genes…this chasing sheep thing….you really are a girldog extraordinare!

  2. Haha, CodieRae. Great job at rounding up those beasts, although it does look like they didn’t really have a great exit plan. 🙂

    Impressed with the tongue too.

  3. Great video! Looks like you’re having alot of fun Codie Rae… Not so much for the sheep, ha! ha!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  4. Tazzie! Those are sheep! Barbados Blackbellies to you buddy! S’OK, you are not the only one….

    You got some nasty deer? Let me at ’em!
    I.Will.Regulate.Them! They won’t bother you anymore…NO they won’t!

    Yeah, next time….no muzzle. I won’t bite, I promise 🙂


  5. Not such a dream if you happen to be a goat, eh?

    Come up here Codie Rae, and I’ll introduce you to some “friendly” mule deer. That will surprise ya!

  6. Wow, Wyatt, that sure looked like a lot of fun. I really liked your long tongue hanging out of the muzzle!!

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