Let them eat CAKE!!!!!!

So me ‘n the Oaktown Pack drove ALL the way to San Francisco yesterday to help out our BFF and honorary Auntie Carla of Paw Patch Pastries. She invited us to a photo shoot ’cause she is redesigning her website ’cause she has a real live store now and she wants new pictures. Of US and her most pawesome baked goods! We got to meet two photographers and there were bright lights and we had to be good and sit in front of the most awesome smelling cake and they told us to leave it and we just couldn’t so maw and paw had to hang on to us while they took about a gazillion pictures! Here’s what it looked like, can you smell it????


Finally we got to EAT the CAKE! OMD it was SO good! There were three layers ‘n each tasted different–there was berries on top ‘n peanut butter in the middle ‘n liver ‘n BACON on the bottom and it had fondant icing and decorations. Can you believe she made all those cute little paws by hand???? Here’s what it looked like AFTER we got our teeth into it:


Auntie Carla said she made it special for us and we got to take it HOME with us! We’re gonna be eating cake , for a month at least!!!! Woohoo! We loves us our Auntie Carla, she is the BEST! Stay tooned for actual photos of us and the cake, coming soon…….

Number 9….Number 9….Number 9…..

Yo everypawdy! We’re celebrating my ninth birthday today in true Oaktown style! And its an extra special pawty ’cause its also the mighty Rosa’s (She Who Came B4 Us) birthday. And OMD, I just found out I share a birthday with the most pawesome Jerry G Dawg himself……..Swoooooooon!!!!! Angus and watermelon all around…Lets get this PAWTAY started!! WoooHOOOOO!


She Who Came Before Us
Rosa the original Raedawg
Love ya Jerry!!
My heeeeero Jerry G!
Hoppy B'Day to meeeeeeee! Ooooops, and Rosa and Jerry!!
Hoppy B’Day to meeeeeeee! Ooooops, and Rosa and Jerry!!
A grass fed angus cake topped with a farm fresh egg
A grass fed angus cake topped with a farm fresh egg
Wishing for whirled peas
Wishing for whirled peas
Lusting bubbas
Lusting bubbas
Back off bozos!!
Back off bozos!!
Come to mama 'lil angus chickie!
Come to mama ‘lil angus chickie!

Don’t worry folks, no bubbas were harmed in the making of this blog post. Must be getting soft ’cause I shared my cake all around 🙂 Hope youse guyz are pawtying whereEVER you are!


Codie Rae