Caira Sue I Miss U

Its been two long, or two short years, depending on you you look at it, since my blood sister for life, Caira Sue, left me behind. Rez dog, ball obsessed, pawesometastic, founding member of the Tripawd Girldogs With 2 Names ROCK Club.

She came to me this morning in the form of not one, but SEVEN blacktailed jack rabbits……..Thanks for visiting grrrrlfriend!


Codie Rae

5 thoughts on “Caira Sue I Miss U”

  1. Pennies are awesome signs!

    Hugs and chocolate labby kisses,
    Ellen & Charley (who is not a TWP but Tripawd Super Charley…see latest blog…and doesn’t have 2 cool names either) 🙂

  2. Rio’s momma (aka Micki),

    But Rio did have 2 names–she was Rio aka The Woo. All you have to do is use both names at once and she is Rio Woo! Done, instant qualification! Besides Rio sent me my heart’s desire—Barneeeeee! And I will forever love her for that…….
    OK, here we go…….

    Rio Woo I hereby induct you into the Spirit TWP Chapter of the Tripawd Girldogs With 2 Names ROCK Club! Welcome, you beautiful Tripawd Warrior Princess!

    Say hey to Caira Sue and Emily Jane and Shilo Anne and Abby Louise for me, OK?

    Codie Rae

    p.s. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but we are not so super cool as we would like people to think 😉 We do have a hella good time rockin’ the world with our gorgeous tripawd awesomeness though!

  3. Caira Sue you are indeed special if Codie blogged today for you! She never blogs!!!

    We miss you too girlfriend. May you have all the critters your heart desires, wherever you are. xoxo

  4. Seven rabbits, that’s a pretty unmistakeable sign. Glad your sister visited you. I wish Rio had two names, because you guys have a super cool club and she would have been a great member.

    Rio’s momma

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