The Killbarney Tour: Chillin’with the Oaktown Pack

Chapter 1  Rocky Mountain High

So, me and the pack went to Colorado last week to visit our long lost homie—Wyatt Ray Dawg. In case you furgot, he Oaktown Packescaped from a life where people tie dawgs outside and never let them in the house and abandon them when they get tangled up in their chains and hurt their legs so bad they need to be cut off. Wyatt spent the first few weeks of his new life with us, before Jim and Renee came to meet him and fell in love with his boyish good looks. Little did they know what they were getting into! Anyway, when we rolled into Jerry’s Acres on a warm Colorado evening, the Oaktown Pack was complete once again!

After dinner we got to open a package! It was addressed to Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack and it was from Rio!!!! O.M.D.! Barneeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! At long last!!!! Thanks Rio!!!! You R.O.C.K!!! The really crazy thing was we had traveled all the way from Oaktown with this other purple dude named Floyd. He said he was Barney’s long lost cousin so we figured he would be the next best thing. But then we actually got Barney too! So we got to do a good deed by reuniting the two little purple dudes! Yo, were we excited! Mos’ def!


Pawty Time! The next day we took Barney and Floyd to the Third Annual Colorado Tripawds Pawty! I got to show off my new Hannibal Lecter look. Nothing can stop me from levitating but at least I couldn’t make anyone bleed. Barney and Floyd hung out and we met all the cool tripawds that were hangin’ in the Ft. Collins heat. Like Lily and Cotton! Smokey had to show off–hmmmph, guess 4 legs are good for somethin’….



Then we took Barney and Floyd to see the Rocky Mountain wildflowers. Floyd was whispering to Barney the whole time and we could never quite hear what he was saying. Kinda weird. Me ‘n Wyatt ‘n Travis ‘n Smokey were having such a great time playing and chasing rodents and deer and basically driving our pawrents crazy. We backed off from the purple guys and decided to just let Barney and Floyd hang out and get to know one another—we figured they had a lot to catch up on.







We finally got in a little play time with Barney—Floyd said the altitude was getting to him and he wanted to rest, whatev… We were kind of tired ourselves so we didn’t actually kill Barney (although that has always been my plan if I was ever lucky enuf to get him), we just roughed him up a little. We thought he knew it was all in good fun.




Went to get a drink and all of a sudden Barney was gone! We sniffed around and Yo! There he was! On top of a huge rockpile! Noooo Barney—Don’t jump little dude!






Goody 3-Paws Travis went all Rin Tin Tin and raced up to save him but…..









…….it was too late, Barney launched himself over the edge!






But wait, he only fell a couple feet and landed on a ledge! Duuuude, what a loser! We asked what made him jump….but he wouldn’t say, except that it had nothing to do with us……just mumbled something about fluffy pink ears……

 Stay tuned for Chapter 2, Road Trip!

8 thoughts on “The Killbarney Tour: Chillin’with the Oaktown Pack”

  1. Haahhahaha, sounds like Barney needs to go to rehab again, but to an institution to talk about his suicidal tendencies… not the first time he has jumped off a ledge!

    -Chloe’s mom

  2. OH Codie, you were just so NICE to Barney. Are you SURE you’re telling everpawdy the truth? What REALLY happened?

    Love those pics, especially the ones with all four hoppy waggin’ tongues!

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