Can it really be 5 years?

We love you Jerry! You are always in our hearts and we will be firing up the altar tonight in celebration of your life! You and your pawrents never cease to inspire us and the Tripawds Nation that has grown out of the love your pawrents have for you has simply got to be one of the most amazing communities on the planet. We are so proud to be a part of this thing that is so much greater than us all and unites so many around a common cause, love for their best friends. Thank you Big Dawg, for planting the seed …..


Codie Rae, Smokey B., Travis Ray, Austin Ray, Martha, and Ralph


   Jerry G. Dawg,

Patron Saint of Tripawds


Bless us one and all.

   Lend us your strength,

joy, and love.

   Guide us through pain

and sorrow,

to the here and now,

where all is

as it should be.

   We shall hold you

in our hearts forever.


 We Love You Jerry