Tripawd Girldogs With 2 Names RULE! Yesh, they DO!

Check it out Everypawdy!

Calamity Jane was the First Runner Up for the HSUS Valor Dog of the Year & People’s Hero for 2010

Calamity Jane is hereby inducted into the Tripawd Girldogs with 2 Names Rule Club! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!! She can be president, queen, empress, whatever!!!!!

Here is her story:

Calamity Jane

Owners: Homer and Shar Pauley
Aledo, Texas

Calamity Jane was still recovering from having her leg amputated following an old gunshot wound and giving birth to a litter of seven puppies when her foster mom, Shar Pauley, took her and the family’s other two dogs outside for a break on a cold January night. Suddenly, Calamity Jane bolted to the neighbor’s yard, hackles raised, and began barking and growling with ferocious intensity. Shar then heard a car door slam and watched a car speed out of her neighbor’s driveway. She grabbed the dogs and hurried back inside.

Minutes later, the neighbor came to their door and asked them to call 911. His family and guests, including two children, had been held at gunpoint for close to an hour during a violent home invasion. But when the intruders heard Calamity Jane, they yelled to one another that there were people outside and quickly fled the terror stricken home.

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Vote for German Shepherd Rescue!

Hey Everypawdy!

The Animal Rescue Site (and Petfinders) is having a contest…..they will award big money to your favorite rescue organization. All you have to do is vote everyday between now and April 18. GSRNC is the rescue that saved ME, Wyatt Ray Dawg and Travis Ray. They have saved other tripawd shepherds too—-Murphy, Odyssey, and Sampson, and little Rocky, probably a tripawd-to-be too! You might want to vote for some other rescue, and that is fine. But we are currently in 6th place in California! And we are rapidly closing in on 5th place.  We actually have a chance to win some money to help us save dawgs! WooHoo! So please vote for us! Its easy!

1. Go to:

2. Click on the button that says “Click Here to Give“–your click helps provide food for shelter animals across the country.  Its FREE. The Animal Rescue Site will NOT spam you for clicking.

3. A new browser window will open thanking you for clicking–at the top of that page click on the button that says “Vote Today“.

4. This will take you to a window where you can vote for……German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California!! You have to choose the state and type in our full name, the acronym does not work. After you do this once, the next time you go to vote GSRNC’s name will already be there, all you will have to do is click on the “Vote” button! How easy is that?

5. Once you vote a new window will open asking you to confirm your vote by identifying a photo of an animal. Done!

You can add a shortcut to the Animal Rescue Site on your desktop to save time. You can also sign up to get daily reminders from the website–they will honestly only send you one email reminder a day—No Spam! Finally, you can set your home page on your browser to the Animal Rescue Site, so you are reminded to vote every day!