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Wow! Mom’s been too ‘busy’ (more like lazy if you ask me) to get anything posted lately but we never stop thinking of all of you, our Tripawd Heros, each and every one of you. Thank you all so much for joining together to form what has to be the greatest online community on the […]


Oh yes, we have much to be thankful for around here today! Woohoo Tripawds Rule! Yes They Do!! We are so thankful to know each and every one of you, canine and human. Everyone in this pawesome community is a True Tripawd Hero! xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxox, Codie Rae, Travis Ray, Smokey B., Ralph, and Martha~the Oaktown Pack


Woohoo!!!!! I have a new Boy Toy!!!!!! A certain young tripawd pup has come to stay with us for a bit. Yeah! Hey, dude, this boy doesn’t even know how to play! But, as you can see on Wyatt’s latest post, we are just the crew to teach him the ropes and he is catching […]

My mom ran across this sweetie on the web today , she is with Big Dog Rescue in Penngrove, near Santa Rosa. I should call them and tell them she needs two names–Gretchen Rae? Gretchen Sue? Gretchen Mae? Watcha think? Then she could joint the Awesome Tripawd Girldodgs With 2 Names Club! My mom […]

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Yes, I have said it before but it is now official!  Behold our beauty and revel in the waves with us! We had so much fun last Saturday! Caira Sue is all about the ball and I am all about herding Caira Sue. We were previewing a potential new venue for upcoming Tripawd Hop events. […]

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Dear Spirit Yoda, Oh Mighty Rodent Killer, we bow down to you in awe, We…. Are….Not…. Worthy…. We LOVE your new sign off tag thingie (whatever those are called). Yoda & Mom united: 9/5/06 Yoda & leg seperated: 6/5/09 Yoda & leg reunited: 10/14/09 Yoda & Mom separated: Duh, never! Spirit Yoda is currently free-lancing […]

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Hey Everypawdy! So, we are staying at Wyatt Ray’s house now and mom has a minute to post for me. Yay! We are having so much fun! This has been a Monumental trip! Hey! Hey! I have crossed the continental divide about a gazillion times now—have you? Ever? Its pretty cool! Here’s papa, Smokey and […]

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Hey Everypawdy, Happy Happy Birthday to Me Me Me!!!! Its my fourth birthday, here in Ft. Benton MT, and am I having a grrrreat time! We got to play in the snow on the way here. Yesh! It was pawdalicious! After lusting for BEEF for lo these many days I got STEAK for dinner!!!!!! Montana […]

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So, I tend to be pretty vocal in the truck as we are riding down the road but my folks finally got it the other day. They realized it wasn’t just random barking (it never is!)….They distinctly heard me saying ‘Steak, Steak, Steak, STEAK!’ as we were passing all those black angus in the field…… […]